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look at his fluffy curls! i just wanna run my fingers through his hair.  It also looks like he’s trying not to laugh, lol

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Linda Evangelista in Cyber Chic for Vogue Italia, May 1994

Shot by Steven Meisel

Styled by Joe McKenna


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LVAW — Day 6: Favorite Romantic Moment

3x01: Welcome Wagon; Logan gives Veronica his room key.


The first time Veronica uses the keycard, she knocks first. Faintly, though the door, she hears Logan yell, “getting dressed…use your card!” so she does, feeling a thrill of something—unease? excitement?—as the card engages and releases in the slot with a mechanical snick.

The second through fifth times Veronica uses the key card, Logan is also elsewhere in the suite; the bathroom, his bedroom, the balcony. She’s taken to knocking briskly and swiping the card at the same time, so that half the time he’s calling, “Hang on!” as the door swings open.

In bed, after the fifth time, Logan is quiet. Annoyed? She can tell he wants to say something, but he hesitates, stroking her hair lightly before blurting out into the darkness. “You know, I didn’t give you that keycard just to save myself from walking a few steps to let you in.”

Veronica is thrown off. This is unexpected. “You sure about that, Logan? I’ve seen you throw away perfectly good food because the trash can was closer than the fridge.”

Logan ignores her half-jesting jab, plowing forward. “You can, you know, use it whenever. I mean, even if I’m not here and you want to—”

“Why would I want to be here when you’re not here?”

“I dunno, if you needed a quiet place to study, or some time away from your dad, or…”


“You know, if you wanted to, like, meet me here but I wasn’t…” He is mumbling now, digging himself into a hole he’s not sure he can articulate his way out of. 

He doesn’t know if it’s avoidance or empathy that leads Veronica to change the subject—quickly and decidedly—by moving her hand to a very interesting place on his anatomy. Avoidance, he thinks, but he’s maybe a little grateful for it.

The sixth time Veronica uses the keycard, she is juggling take out Chinese food and her tote. She raises a hand to knock, then lowers it. Hesitantly, she traps the warm bags of egg rolls and kung pao beef between her torso and the wall of the hallway and fishes in her wallet for the white plastic card. She has just barely swiped the card—green light flashing—when Logan yanks the door the rest of the way open.

“Ooh, egg rolls!” He gives her a brief but thorough kiss as he snatches the bags from her. Veronica trails him into the suite, turning the keycard over and over in her hand, pressing the hard plastic edges into the pads of each of her fingers in turn.

The seventh time Veronica uses the keycard, Logan comes back to the suite after his evening Intro to Econ class to find her curled up on the couch, mostly asleep, watching The Big Lebowski.

He stands there just looking at her for a long moment until she blinks up at him sleepily.


“Hey,” his voice is soft. “I didn’t think I’d see you tonight. Short shift at the library?”

“Mmhm.” Veronica holds up a corner of the blanket draped over her and pats the couch invitingly. “You missed the part with the marmot.”

“Can’t have that.” Logan quickly shucks his shoes and flops down beside her. They wrestle briefly over the blanket, before Veronica sleepily gives in and allows Logan to shift her so that he is against the arm of the couch and she is curled into his side. “We’ll just have to rewind.”

Logan flips the blanket over their legs, grabs the remote and kisses the top of her head as they settle in to watch the movie.

“How’d your case go?”

Veronica slings her legs over his lap, yawning. “Oh, you know, turns out the roommate was actually stealing the DVDs. Who’d a thunk it?”

Logan smiles a little, his fingers playing with the strip of bare skin above her sock. “Another classic mystery solved by the brilliant mind of Veronica Mars.”

She rolls her eyes and deadpans. “Oh the excitement. Oh the danger.”

“Hey, you know what turns me on.”

Logan tickles Veronica’s side lightly and she squirms. Laughing, she elbows him in retaliation and he winces dramatically. “Shh…now. You’re missing it,” she scolds, gesturing at the TV.

They turn their attention to the screen just in time.

“That rug really tied the room together,” they both quote in perfect unison with the movie. 


This ficlet was written for loganandveronica's Logan and Veronica appreciation week

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